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Silver Stripe Outdoors

Silver Stripe Outdoors was born with the objective to promote and create responsible tourism in ways that are imaginative, with programmes that are suited to explore the amazing diversity of nature.
Pioneered by an eclectic bunch of wildlife and nature enthusiasts, and having set out to walk the talk, the group can create tailor made programs to suit ones area of interest whether it is wild-life safari’s, camping, glacier treks, village home-stays, leisure travel, bird watching, angling, river rafting or visits to places of historical and religious importance. Silver Stripe Outdoors’ distinctive style of travel believes in the elements of fun, flexibility and exploration.


Nature and being close to it is the main tenet of the group. With this philosophy lies the desire to get enthusiasts from around the world to share the pleasing natural environment conditions. However along-with the desire to share, come the negative impacts too. The group realizes the virtue of minimizing such impacts, hence our close co-operation with locals who are also counselled & trained to ensure sustained development within the natural environment and habitats. Coupled with this is our active encouragement to patrons to respect local habits/ cultures & educate on flora & fauna and good wildlife viewing practices.


Tushar Raghuvanshi. Wildlife and nature enthusiast. Realized that a career in the corporate world and a passion for travel are tough to sustain as together. Has chosen the passion of the outdoors and does the planning & due diligence on all our projects. Tushar is also an avid biker and has done numerous trips with groups and solo. He is also a keen photographer and associated with various wildlife & environment conservation groups.

Sunder Singh. A qualified bird watcher & nature guide, Sundar has been leading treks & nature walks for tourists through the kumaon hills for many years. Extremely forward thinking, he realizes the virtue of protecting the flora and fauna & the environment. Sunder handles the logistics & operational requirements. He is also constantly scouting for new routes and opportunities that might help the local people earn better livelihood.

Kritika Ashok may well be known as one of the finer strategy consultants in the management world, however for those in the know, Kritika is a passionate traveller. One of the first ten Indians to have traversed Antarctica and among the fewer women globally to have touched all 7 continents, Kritika embodies the spirit of adventure. A graduate of University of Delhi, Kritika moved to Ireland at the age of 20 and has set up base there. She handles all the fine detailing & does business development for Silver Stripe Outdoors in Europe.

Puran Singh, Tara Singh, Narayan Singh, Rajesh Bhat, Nandan Singh, N.S. Bisht, Shakeel and others who the other core members in various functions of logistics, operations & support.

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